Mental Health

How Mental Health Has Changed In Recent Years

It’s undeniable that mental illness has become an increasingly prominent topic over the past decade. It seems as if endless social media users plaster their pages with articles and posts about these issues. Many sufferers are finding the online world can empathize with their condition, and the official diagnosis statistics are at an all-time high.

This …

Nutrition / Wellness

How To Make Your Home The Healthiest On The Block

We’ve all experienced those times when one family member returns home sick and, despite our best efforts, we end up catching it ourselves. Before long, the whole household is coughing and sneezing. Perhaps this is one of the reasons we have deemed the winter months “flu season.” But what if there was an affordable way …


Are We in the Middle of a Wellness Crisis?

As we rapidly approach the one-fifth marker in the 21st century, we’re left wondering where all our progress over the past century has left us from a health and wellness standpoint. Technologically speaking, we’ve never been so advanced; yet, a quick look at obesity statistics suggests we might be lagging behind in the fitness department.

Fortunately, …

Mental Health / Wellness

How to Have a Helpful Conversation About Mental Health

Mental health, or more specifically mental illness, is a topic we don’t spend enough time talking about. There’s still so much stigma attached to mental illness that we often just avoid the subject entirely.

It’s easy to talk about a purely physical ailment, such as a broken bone because we can see it. We simply look …


Is The Internet Responsible For The Popularity of Yoga

If you’ve yet to try your first downward dog or embrace Ujjayi breath, then it’s possible you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years. Yoga is everywhere, and if you haven’t experienced its calming and healing flow yet, it’s likely you’ve made the conscious decision to avoid it.

However, if you have embraced …

Alternative Medicine

How to Avoid Holistic Care Scams

If you’ve ever suffered from a long-term illness, you know what desperation for a cure feels like. Even if you’ve never been a subscriber to anything other than traditional Western medicine, you may start considering alternatives.

You don’t have to go to the other end of the spectrum, however, to find medical care that offers another, …