What to Look for in a Weight Loss App

Losing weight isn’t an easy task. The more support you have, the better. If you can get your friends and family to support you, you’ll find the process much easier than trying to do it on your own. Another way to get the support you need is to use a weight loss app. It can …

modern kitchen

How to Set Up a Safe and Secure Smart Kitchen

Slowly but surely, technology has staked its claim on everything, including the kitchen sink. From how and where we drive our cars to syncing family calendars, we depend on it to make our lives easier and more efficient. It was just a matter of time and money before smart kitchens arrived on the scene, ready …

Nutrition / Technology

5 Apps That Will Make Creating a Diet Simple and Fun

There’s no doubt creating and following through with a diet can be difficult, but it’s also essential for a healthy lifestyle. When starting out, you often have to find new recipes, sometimes try foods you’ve never eaten before, and unfortunately cut some of your favorites out of your diet altogether. Luckily, modern technology has simplified …

Health Care

Is Your Hospital Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

For most of us, the thought that our hospital could become the target of a major cyberattack never seems to come up as an issue. After all, what could anyone possibly want with medical records? The truth is that the danger is real; health records contain highly sensitive information that can be used for nefarious …


How to Use Technology to Enhance Your Fitness Routine

Being physically fit is not only good for your body, it’s also good for your mind. There’s no better time to get fit than now. With that said, it’s hard to know just how efficient your routines are if you aren’t keeping track. Luckily, things such as apps, wearable fitness trackers and more make it …


Are We in the Middle of a Wellness Crisis?

As we rapidly approach the one-fifth marker in the 21st century, we’re left wondering where all our progress over the past century has left us from a health and wellness standpoint. Technologically speaking, we’ve never been so advanced; yet, a quick look at obesity statistics suggests we might be lagging behind in the fitness department.

Fortunately, …


Apps vs Maps, Which is Better on the Trail

Hiking is a great way to get enough exercise to stay healthy. If you love nature, it’s simple to make hiking a couple times a week a priority. The scenery can be relaxing, and spending time outdoors getting fresh air is never a bad thing. But when you’re on the trail, you need to be …

Alternative Medicine

Is Wikipedia Being Censored by Big Pharma?

Wikipedia is an extremely popular, user-created, internet encyclopedia. Is it possible that Wikipedia is also a propaganda machine for big pharmaceutical companies? We conducted an investigation to find out.

Any user can edit Wikipedia. Users who have the time available and the skills necessary may become administrative editors of the content, which gives them more ability …