Are We in the Middle of a Wellness Crisis?

As we rapidly approach the one-fifth marker in the 21st century, we’re left wondering where all our progress over the past century has left us from a health and wellness standpoint. Technologically speaking, we’ve never been so advanced; yet, a quick look at obesity statistics suggests we might be lagging behind in the fitness department.

Fortunately, …


Apps vs Maps, Which is Better on the Trail

Hiking is a great way to get enough exercise to stay healthy. If you love nature, it’s simple to make hiking a couple times a week a priority. The scenery can be relaxing, and spending time outdoors getting fresh air is never a bad thing. But when you’re on the trail, you need to be …


The Best Hiking Gear for 2017

Hiking is an excellent way to enjoy nature and to escape the city or suburban life. But it isn’t all about trails and trees; hiking is good for your health. An excellent cardio workout, hiking builds your strength, lowers blood pressure and reduces body weight. The fresh air doesn’t hurt either. To get the most …

Fitness / Technology

Can Your Fitness Tracker be Hacked?

In a world of everyday tech advancements, owning a fitness tracker is common for those who already live an active life, as well as those just entering that world. The small wearable devices are an excellent way of monitoring our daily fitness activity, eating habits and sleep cycles. They also motivate us to do more. …

Health Care / Travel

How to Research Your Foreign Health Care Options

Whether you’re planning a trip or considering a move, traveling abroad takes careful planning. Amidst the reservations and plane tickets, itineraries and sightseeing excitement, don’t forget perhaps the most important item on your checklist: your health care.

Health care options vary depending on the length of your stay and the type of coverage available in your …


6 Zumba Videos on YouTube That Will Make you Sweat

Zumba is a Latin-style dance exercise program that makes working out accessible to everyone, even those who hate to work out. Advertised as fun and effective, Zumba welcomes anyone who is looking to smile a little more while exercising.

It’s not just fun though. Zumba is considered a thorough cardio workout that also increases your flexibility …

Mental Health / Wellness

How to Have a Helpful Conversation About Mental Health

Mental health, or more specifically mental illness, is a topic we don’t spend enough time talking about. There’s still so much stigma attached to mental illness that we often just avoid the subject entirely.

It’s easy to talk about a purely physical ailment, such as a broken bone because we can see it. We simply look …

Alternative Medicine

Is Wikipedia Being Censored by Big Pharma?

Wikipedia is an extremely popular, user-created, internet encyclopedia. Is it possible that Wikipedia is also a propaganda machine for big pharmaceutical companies? We conducted an investigation to find out.

Any user can edit Wikipedia. Users who have the time available and the skills necessary may become administrative editors of the content, which gives them more ability …


Is The Internet Responsible For The Popularity of Yoga

If you’ve yet to try your first downward dog or embrace Ujjayi breath, then it’s possible you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years. Yoga is everywhere, and if you haven’t experienced its calming and healing flow yet, it’s likely you’ve made the conscious decision to avoid it.

However, if you have embraced …