Health Care

Is Your Hospital Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

For most of us, the thought that our hospital could become the target of a major cyberattack never seems to come up as an issue. After all, what could anyone possibly want with medical records? The truth is that the danger is real; health records contain highly sensitive information that can be used for nefarious …

Healthy Living

10 Essential Daily Habits That Will Help Your Health

Most of us are pretty good are recognizing what’s good for us and what’s not. Intuitively, it’s easy to tell that a bowl of broccoli is better for you than a box of burgers. But we’re also very busy; sometimes health goes to the wayside when we’re focused on work, learning or other activities.

That’s why …


How to Use Technology to Enhance Your Fitness Routine

Being physically fit is not only good for your body, it’s also good for your mind. There’s no better time to get fit than now. With that said, it’s hard to know just how efficient your routines are if you aren’t keeping track. Luckily, things such as apps, wearable fitness trackers and more make it …


How to Incorporate Pilates in to Your Life

Pilates is a type of exercise that was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s. It aims to build strength, improve endurance and increase flexibility through controlled flexibility, strength and endurance movements. Pilates focuses on proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance. Core strength comes from your core, which is made up of the …


How to Find the Best Yoga Instructor in Your City


It seems like everyone is doing yoga these days. There are yoga classes, yoga retreats and yoga workshops. However, not all yoga instructors are created equal. Certification for yoga instruction can be a lengthy process, filled with training and actual teaching hours and even exams. After the initial requirements are satisfied, however, it’s important an …


5 Awful Distractions to Your Meditation that You Need to Nix

Meditation has been proven to be an excellent tool for living a healthy life. It’s a skill like any other, so it takes time and discipline to master. You’ll probably make a few mistakes in the beginning, but we all do. One of the hardest things about meditation is dealing with distractions. There will always …


How to Stay Safe on the Hiking Trail

Hiking has recently seen rapid growth in its popularity. It is pretty easy to see why more and more people are taking to the trails. Hiking is great physical exercise and often provides excellent scenic views of nature.

While hiking is rarely a dangerous activity, and often a very pleasurable experience, it is still much better …


How to Find Healthy Cooking Supplies Anywhere on Earth

Whether you’re an expat living abroad or just a seasoned traveler who prefers home-cooked meals, food preparation is likely to become an issue. When far from home, you may find yourself wondering where on earth you’ll find the healthy ingredients you’re accustomed to using.

The ingredients are one thing, but you’ll also need to make sure …

Health Care

What This Year’s Election Means for Health Care

With the 2016 election at its end, we’re faced with the very real question of how the results will impact America’s health care system over the next four years and beyond. First, a little perspective is in order.

Over the last eight years, the Obama administration has passed and progressively implemented the Affordable Care Act (ACA), …