How to Access Healthy Living Advice Anywhere

Summary: Accessing tips for healthy eating, workout routines and wellness practices is easy when you start searching online, but some local governments have blocked access to this type of content, making it harder to find.

If your local government has placed harsh restrictions and censorship programs on the types of content you can access, you will want to connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service.

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Why Do You Need A VPN to Access Healthy Living Tips?

The internet has made it easier than ever to improve your lifestyle with nutrition, fitness, health and wellness advice from wherever you’re located in the world with the click of a few buttons.

However, even though the information is supposed to be easy to access, some governments around the world have placed restrictions on the types of content their citizens can access.

Governments have implemented harsh content restrictions, censorship and surveillance programs that are designed to keep their citizens safe.

However, the real agenda behind these types of programs have been argued. Most people believe that the government implement these types of programs to protect their own agendas, rather than protect their citizens.

By controlling what their citizens have access to, the governments have an easier time pushing their propaganda and agendas without receiving pushback from the public.

This presents problems for people looking to live a healthy lifestyle and retrieve information that will help them do it.

If you’ve found out that some of your favorite websites and blogs have been blocked because of restrictions in your country, there are ways you can bypass the restrictions and stay anonymous.

The best way to bypass government restrictions is to connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service that allows you to hide your original location and encrypts your online activity.

VPN services allow you to connect to a server that’s outside of the country you’re in, so the government restrictions you’re facing do not have an impact on your internet browsing.

They also encrypt the information that you send and receive, so hackers and government officials cannot spy on your online activity.

Connecting to a VPN service is the easiest way to access healthy living resources if you’ve found out that they are blocked in the country you’re currently located in.

But there are hundreds of VPN providers on the market, and not all are equal. To help you out, we’ve narrowed down and reviewed the best for helping you access restricted content no matter which country you’re in.

If you’d rather not read about our testing methodology and skip right to our recommendations, by clicking here.




VPN Software Testing Methodology

In the VPN industry, there are so many different services available for you to choose from, which can make finding a quality service difficult to do.

To save you the trouble of testing many different services yourself, I’ve done the legwork and compared nine of the highest rated VPN services against each other using six ranking criteria.

The ranking criteria I’ve used have allowed me to objectively review each service, to find a company that is worthy of receiving my recommendation.


How I Judged Their Performance


Criteria #1: Do They Allow Multiple Connections?

One of the biggest factors that separate a quality VPN service apart from less reputable companies is their ability to maintain multiple active connections to their servers.

Most services can maintain a single connection without having too many problems, but when connecting with multiple devices, the issues you’ll face can make using the service impossible.

Services that maintained reliable connections with fast speeds while connected to their network with multiple devices were ranked higher during my review process.


Criteria #2: Do They Offer a Money-back Guarantee?

Most companies offer a money-back guarantee to their subscribers, but some companies have developed a reputation for refusing to honor their refund policy if subscribers are unsatisfied.

Because you’re using new technology, there may be times that you find yourself having issues that cannot be fixed, due to the hardware that you’re using.

In times like those, you will appreciate a company that will stand behind their money-back guarantee and provide you with a refund so you can use a different service.


Criteria #3: Do They Log Your Data?

Governments that implement censorship and restriction programs will typically monitor your activity while you are connected to the internet to verify if you’re breaking any laws.

Some VPN services have also begun implementing data logging programs and will track what you’re doing while you are connected to their servers.

To ensure that you remain anonymous while you’re online, companies that track what you’re doing while connected to their network were automatically disqualified from my review.


Criteria #4: Do They Offer Unlimited Bandwidth?

If you spend your time on the internet checking email and browsing different websites, you may never use heavy amounts of bandwidth.

However, if you spend a substantial amount of time online, download large files or stream workout content or documentaries on sites such as Daily Burn, Netflix or YouTube, you could encounter bandwidth related issues.

To keep you from experiencing problems due to the amount of bandwidth you’re consuming, companies that offer truly unlimited bandwidth were ranked higher during my review.


Criteria #5: How Is Their Customer Support?

A great customer support team can be a lifesaver if you find yourself having troubles with the services you’ve purchased or getting them to work properly with the hardware you’re using.

Some companies provide a great customer service experience but force you to wait extended periods of time to receive a response from their support team.

Companies that provide a great customer support experience while also quickly responding to the requests I submitted were ranked higher during my review.


Criteria #6: Do They Offer Fast Connection Speeds?

When you connect to a Virtual Private Network service, you are placing an additional layer between your internet connection and the websites that you are attempting to access.

If the VPN service you choose cannot maintain a fast connection, the problems you experience will be magnified, and the websites you attempt to access will fail to load properly.

That’s why companies that offer fast connection speeds and can reliably maintain them were ranked higher during my review process than companies that have connection speed problems.




Best VPNs for Accessing Healthy Living Advice

Reviewing nine different VPN services isn’t an easy task and required me to devote a substantial amount of time, money and energy into finding a true winner.

After conducting a thorough review process, I objectively concluded that three services performed better than the remaining six, with one service moving forward as the best VPN service.


#1 – ExpressVPN – 9.6 / 10 – The Best VPN for Accessing Healthy Living Advice Anywhere

ExpressVPN is one of the few services I’ve reviewed that easily topped the charts in every category and safely secured their first-place ranking.

They have a strong network that can handle multiple active connections without getting bogged down, losing connection speeds or dropping connections.

I did not experience any symptoms of them limiting my account due to transferring large amounts of bandwidth, even toward the end of the month.

ExpressVPN does not track what you’re doing while you are connected to their server and have servers located throughout the world, so you can find one that helps you bypass content censors.

If you happen to have problems with the service that I didn’t experience, their customer support team is always helpful and responds in less than 30 minutes in most cases.

In nearly every testing category I put these services through, ExpressVPN pulled out the win and secured their first-place ranking over the remaining eight competitors.

If you’re looking for the absolute best VPN for bypassing content restrictions and accessing tips for healthier living, I recommend you get ExpressVPN by clicking here now.


#2 – IPVanish – 7 / 10 – A Step Beneath ExpressVPN

IPVanish started the review process strong but began falling behind ExpressVPN in the customer service and network infrastructure tests.

They have a large network, full of servers located throughout the world, so finding a server that’s close to you but still able to help you bypass the restrictions you’re facing shouldn’t be difficult.

While connecting to their network with a single device didn’t present many issues, I did notice connection speeds drop slightly when connecting with multiple devices at the same time.

I also experienced a couple dropped connections while trying to log onto their network using multiple different devices, that I didn’t experience when logging on with a single device.

When contacting the customer support team at IPVanish, they were helpful enough, but it took them longer to respond to my requests than the team at ExpressVPN.

Depending on the country you’re located in, you may find that ExpressVPN isn’t an option for you. In cases like those, IPVanish may be a suitable alternative to bypass content restrictions.

You can learn more about IPVanish by clicking here.


#3 – HideMyAss VPN – 5 / 10 – OK Choice If ExpressVPN and IPVanish Aren’t an Option

HideMyAss managed to claim the third spot, but only due to the remaining six competitors failing to deliver a satisfactory experience or being completely disqualified from my review.

They have one of the largest networks available through any VPN service I’ve tested, but the size of their network has very little to do with the strength of their network.

During testing, I experienced substantial problems while attempting to connect with a single device and spent hours going back and forth with the customer support team.

HideMyAss claims to offer unlimited bandwidth, though I was unable to transfer enough data across their network to verify if their claim is accurate.

The customer support team at HideMyAss took far longer to respond to my requests than the teams at ExpressVPN and IPVanish, forcing me to wait more than 24 hours in some cases.

It’s hard to recommend HideMyAss as a viable VPN service for bypassing government restrictions based on how well ExpressVPN and even IPVanish performed.

If you want to find out more about the HideMyAss VPN service, you can visit their site by clicking here.





Accessing healthy living information wherever you’re located is so easy now there are various workout streaming services and nutrition and wellness blogs.

But if you’ve found that your local government has blocked access to your favorite healthy living websites, you can circumvent those restrictions by connecting through a Virtual Private Network.

If you want to use a VPN to access healthy living advice anywhere in the world, download and install ExpressVPN now.

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