Nutrition / Technology

5 Apps That Will Make Creating a Diet Simple and Fun

There’s no doubt creating and following through with a diet can be difficult, but it’s also essential for a healthy lifestyle. When starting out, you often have to find new recipes, sometimes try foods you’ve never eaten before, and unfortunately cut some of your favorites out of your diet altogether. Luckily, modern technology has simplified …

Alternative Medicine / Health Care

7 Gadgets You Didn’t Know Could Improve Your Health

It seems everywhere you look, people are wearing Fitbits, the wrist wearable that gives you an inside look at your level of exercise on a daily basis. The health benefits of these little wrist wearables are widely known and accepted as folks everywhere are monitoring their vital signs and tracking their steps.

Awareness alone can empower …

Fitness / Technology

Can Your Fitness Tracker be Hacked?

In a world of everyday tech advancements, owning a fitness tracker is common for those who already live an active life, as well as those just entering that world. The small wearable devices are an excellent way of monitoring our daily fitness activity, eating habits and sleep cycles. They also motivate us to do more. …