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How To Make Your Home The Healthiest On The Block

We’ve all experienced those times when one family member returns home sick and, despite our best efforts, we end up catching it ourselves. Before long, the whole household is coughing and sneezing. Perhaps this is one of the reasons we have deemed the winter months “flu season.” But what if there was an affordable way …

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5 Apps That Will Make Creating a Diet Simple and Fun

There’s no doubt creating and following through with a diet can be difficult, but it’s also essential for a healthy lifestyle. When starting out, you often have to find new recipes, sometimes try foods you’ve never eaten before, and unfortunately cut some of your favorites out of your diet altogether. Luckily, modern technology has simplified …

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What to do When you Know Nothing About Nutrition

Our relationships with food, weight and health are complicated. For some, food is a four-letter-word. For others, it’s never been an issue at all. And for still others, it’s a subject they’d like to know more about, but don’t know how to begin.

Unfortunately, the vast amount of information and misinformation available has done nothing to …