How to Stay Safe on the Hiking Trail

Hiking has recently seen rapid growth in its popularity. It is pretty easy to see why more and more people are taking to the trails. Hiking is great physical exercise and often provides excellent scenic views of nature.

While hiking is rarely a dangerous activity, and often a very pleasurable experience, it is still much better …


Apps vs Maps, Which is Better on the Trail

Hiking is a great way to get enough exercise to stay healthy. If you love nature, it’s simple to make hiking a couple times a week a priority. The scenery can be relaxing, and spending time outdoors getting fresh air is never a bad thing. But when you’re on the trail, you need to be …


The Best Hiking Gear for 2017

Hiking is an excellent way to enjoy nature and to escape the city or suburban life. But it isn’t all about trails and trees; hiking is good for your health. An excellent cardio workout, hiking builds your strength, lowers blood pressure and reduces body weight. The fresh air doesn’t hurt either. To get the most …