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How to Access Healthy Living Advice Anywhere

Summary: Accessing tips for healthy eating, workout routines and wellness practices is easy when you start searching online, but some local governments have blocked access to this type of content, making it harder to find.

If your local government has placed harsh restrictions and censorship programs on the types of content you can access, you will …

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How to Protect Your Health Information Online

Summary: Inputting private information while you’re applying for health insurance, scheduling appointments, arranging benefits, ordering medication or chatting with an online therapist can be risky.

If you want to make sure that your personal information is safe while using online resources, you will need to connect through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service that keeps you …

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7 Gadgets You Didn’t Know Could Improve Your Health

It seems everywhere you look, people are wearing Fitbits, the wrist wearable that gives you an inside look at your level of exercise on a daily basis. The health benefits of these little wrist wearables are widely known and accepted as folks everywhere are monitoring their vital signs and tracking their steps.

Awareness alone can empower …

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Is Your Hospital Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

For most of us, the thought that our hospital could become the target of a major cyberattack never seems to come up as an issue. After all, what could anyone possibly want with medical records? The truth is that the danger is real; health records contain highly sensitive information that can be used for nefarious …

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What This Year’s Election Means for Health Care

With the 2016 election at its end, we’re faced with the very real question of how the results will impact America’s health care system over the next four years and beyond. First, a little perspective is in order.

Over the last eight years, the Obama administration has passed and progressively implemented the Affordable Care Act (ACA), …

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How to Research Your Foreign Health Care Options

Whether you’re planning a trip or considering a move, traveling abroad takes careful planning. Amidst the reservations and plane tickets, itineraries and sightseeing excitement, don’t forget perhaps the most important item on your checklist: your health care.

Health care options vary depending on the length of your stay and the type of coverage available in your …